Education is Mitra’s priority in 2024, says Ramanan

PUTRAJAYA: Education will be at the forefront of the Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit’s (Mitra) priorities heading into 2024, says Datuk R. Ramanan.

The Mitra Special Committee chairman said this was prioritised alongside other areas such as healthcare and sports.

“In order for us to build a community for the future, education is key.

“If we give them a fish, it’s never going to be enough.

“If we teach them how to fish, they can pass on the wisdom for generations to come,” he said during a press conference at the Mitra office here on Friday (Nov 10).

Ramanan said Mitra’s initiatives would either be carried out in stages, or simultaneously nationwide.

“Nobody is going to be left out. That is something that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has made very clear.

“That is the Madani concept,” he added.

On the financial aid distributed by Mitra to 10,000 eligible Indian students to pursue tertiary education at higher learning institutions, Ramanan said some RM13.96mil had already been given out to approximately 7,000 students.

The aid was distributed through a RM2,000 one-off payment per student.

“We are in the process of releasing the money to the remaining 3,000 students,” he added.

Asked if the quota of Indian youths receiving the aid would be increased next year, Ramanan said it would be discussed.

On the cooperation programme between Mitra and Weststar Aviation Services to produce aircraft technicians, Ramanan said about 100 youths had submitted applications.

“We need to run through this process thoroughly as being an aircraft technician involves lives and public safety.

“Weststar Aviation Services has already selected a few (youths), and this is an ongoing process,” he added.

Also present was Mitra committee member RSN Rayer and Mitra director-general Raveendran Nair.