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The country superstar worked with the brand to ensure this gear, including the new Mackinaw Cruiser, perfectly blended aesthetics and functionality.
Filson is hosting a series of listening parties to celebrate the release of Stapleton’s new album Higher at a number of its stores across the nation on November 7. The first 50 people in each store will receive a custom poster and everyone at the event will have a chance to win a one-of-a-kind Traveller Tote bag filled with a Stapleton’s discography on vinyl.
Nobody knows the trials and tribulations of life on the road quite like a touring country musician, especially one who grew up in the rough-and-tumble South. So who better to help craft a lineup of travel-ready bags and accessories specifically designed for the rigors of one such life than small-town Kentucky native Chris Stapleton?

Not a soul. That’s who. Which is probably why Filson — an American heritage brand with similarly rugged roots — teamed up with the country music superstar on its Traveller Collection (named after Stapleton’s Traveller album from 2015) of hefty twill and top-grain leather bags and accessories. And no, this isn’t just a name slapped on some existing products; that wouldn’t be in the spirit of the brand or the musician. Rather, this is a fully-fledged creative partnership. Furthermore, you don’t even have to be a Filson or Stapleton fan to reap the benefits, as each and every piece in the collection stands alone. But don’t take our word for it — the proof is in the products.

Alongside the five bags that launched a few weeks ago, Filson and Chris Stapleton have just released a new piece of outerwear in their collaboration called the Chris Stapleton Signature Mackinaw Wool Cruiser.
If the name Mackinaw rings a bell, it might be because this jacket is one from Filson’s catalog that’s over 100 years old. However, this limited-edition version is much more than a simple copy-paste or a basic color swap. Along with looking great in its black charcoal colorway, it’s actually made with deadstock Mackinaw wool from Filson’s archives, sewn together by the brand in limited quantities and even finished with a label unique to the collaboration. Like the rest of this collection, this piece stands apart as a gorgeous, durable, reliable love letter to travel, heritage, revival and even Filson itself.

Normally, when a celebrity endorses a product, that’s the long and short of it — they lend their name and little else, typically resulting in a lackluster, artificially exclusive release of an existing product. But neither Stapleton nor Filson wanted that to be the case with this collection. “The Filson x Chris Stapleton collaboration goes beyond a mere endorsement; it is a true creative partnership,” says Alex Carleton, CCO at Filson.
As such, Stapleton worked closely alongside Filson’s design team to ensure his preferences, experiences and personal style were imbued into each piece. The result is a solid lineup of five distinct pieces crafted from rugged materials — like hard-wearing twill and heavy-duty harness leather — that all share the same high level of craftsmanship, functionality, style and (perhaps most importantly) authenticity.

Chris Stapleton is no stranger to Filson’s ever-changing yet always classic catalog. In fact, his connection to the brand started with his father, who would don Filson gear on hunting trips during the would-be award-winning songwriter’s most formative years. And that’s a connection that stuck with Stapleton, as he adopted his own love for Filson’s gear, wearing and using it to this very day.
That also meant that Stapleton had a unique insight into Filson’s own past, using his knowledge to help pick out archival pieces and both revive and revise them for this brand-new collection. “Filson feels like part of my family, and their commitment to lasting craftsmanship aligns perfectly with my values,” Stapleton says. “[…] We’ve created products that I genuinely use and love.”

As mentioned, the collection includes six distinct, albeit connected pieces, designed (perhaps obviously) for a traveler’s life. And no, you don’t have to be a Stapleton fan to reap the benefits. These pieces all stand alone, whether you need the full set for constant travel or you just need a couple of pieces for your weekend getaways.
The pieces include the iconic Traveller Outfitter Bag for $995, the versatile Traveller Stowaway Backpack for $195, the packable Traveller Dopp Kit for $65, the weekend-ready Traveller Medium Duffle Bag for $595, the Traveller Suit Cover (for those that want to look their best even on the road) for $225 and the newly-launched Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket. Check them out below.