Floods: Situation worsens in K'tan, T'ganu and Pahang as of tonight

KUALA LUMPUR: The flood situation in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang has worsened, with more victims placed in relief centres tonight compared to this morning, while the last relief centre in Negeri Sembilan was closed at noon on Monday (Dec 25).

In Kelantan, the number of flood victims increased to 9,721 people from 2,962 families as of 8pm, compared to 1,991 people from 561 families recorded in the morning.

According to the Kelantan State Disaster Management Secretariat, 65 relief centres were opened involving six districts in the state, namely Kuala Krai (20), Tanah Merah (19), Pasir Mas (17), Gua Musang (four), Machang (three) and Jeli (two).

Based on the “publicinfobanjir” web portal, the water levels of the four main rivers in the state, namely Sungai Kelantan and Sungai Nal in Kuala Krai, Sungai Golok in Tanah Merah as well as Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang, Pasir Mas were at a dangerous level.

The third wave of flooding in Terengganu has worsened as the number of victims placed at relief centres in six districts almost doubled to 4,294 people from 1,147 families as of 8pm, compared to 2,281 people from 661 families this morning.

According to the Terengganu State Disaster Management Secretariat, Dungun is the most affected district, with 1,242 victims from 326 families placed in 20 relief centres, followed by Besut involving 1,077 victims (223 families) sheltering in 12 centres and a total of 1,102 victims (349 families) placed in 16 centres in Hulu Terengganu.

In Kemaman, 439 victims (131 families) are in six relief centres; in Setiu, 422 victims (115 families) are taking shelter in 14 centres, while in Marang, only 12 victims from three families are still at the Tapai Civic Hall Wakaf PPS.

Based on the ‘publicinfobanjir’ portal, the river water level at 15 main stations in the state exceeded the danger level, while five stations exceeded the warning level as of 9.30 pm.

In Pahang, the number of flood victims also increased tonight, with 600 individuals from 141 families placed in 13 relief centres compared to 230 individuals from 55 families in five centres this morning.

According to the Pahang State Disaster Management Secretariat, nine relief centres have been opened in Raub to accommodate 426 people from 106 families, while 74 victims from 35 families have taken refuge in four centres operating in Lipis.

The centre at SK Felda Kota Gelanggi 1 in Jerantut, which opened on Sunday to accommodate 78 victims from 19 families, was closed at 11 this morning.

Meanwhile, according to ‘publicinfobanjir’ the water levels of Sungai Jelai in Bukit Betong, Lipis; Sungai Luit in Kampung Subuh, Maran and Sungai Keratong in Jalan Kota Bahagia, Rompin, have passed the danger level as of 9.30 pm. – Bernama