Shamsul Iskandar hits back at Dr M on Tun title remarks

PETALING JAYA: It should start with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, says Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s political secretary to the former premier’s remarks that those with the Tun title who refuse to reveal the source of their wealth should be investigated.

Taking to X, Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Akin said he agreed with Dr Mahathir’s call.

“I agree with all of the statements that those with Tun titles should be investigated, but the people want it to begin with Tun Mahathir!” he said on Wednesday (Dec 27).

“The cynical statement by Tun Dr Mahathir that those with Tun titles should be remanded if they refuse to divulge the source of their wealth shows his arrogance,” he added.

Earlier, Dr Mahathir said that those with Tun titles should be investigated and have their property seized if they failed to explain the source of their wealth.


The former prime minister said that obtaining evidence of the misdeeds is unnecessary, as “suspicion” alone should be enough.

“The Tuns should not only be investigated. They should also be remanded until they reveal the source of their money. If they don’t reveal, it must be because they are hiding,” he said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (Dec 27).

Dr Mahathir also emphasised that corruption at all levels must be eliminated at all costs.

“If the Attorney General (AG) believes that the accusations are due to politics, it is the AG’s right not to continue prosecution. Passports should be returned. This is the right of the AG. The courts must not question the decision of the AG,” Dr Mahathir wrote.

He added that if the country truly follows the rule of law, even a first offender must accept the full force of the rule of law.

“If whipping is mandatory, then the offender must be whipped. In Malaysia, the law is supreme. We must all abide by it,” said Mahathir.