Letter to discuss Umno's exit from the unity govt is fake, says party Youth Chief

PETALING JAYA: The viral letter purportedly from Umno Youth calling for an emergency meeting to discuss the party’s exit from the unity government is fake, says Dr Akmal Saleh.

The Umno Youth chief denied issuing such a letter, and added that he was notified of the fake letter by a close friend on Saturday (Dec 30) morning.

“While some of us in the East Coast are facing hardship due to the floods, let’s avoid engaging in such cheap politics,” he said in a Facebook posting.

He added that the focus now should be on helping the flood victims, instead of spreading baseless accusations that do not benefit anyone.

“Don’t let the people grow weary of politicians,” he added.

In the fake letter, it is claimed that Umno Youth called on the party’s supreme council to discuss its exit from the unity government.

This follows DAP’s Beruas MP Datuk Ngeh Koo suggestion to include non-Muslims in the special committee to study the proposal to strengthen Syariah Court’s role.

Several political parties, including PAS, Umno and Bersatu, have taken Ngeh to task over his proposal to include non-Muslim constitutional experts in the special committee to review the syariah law in the country, describing the proposal as ‘provocative’.

On Friday (Dec 29), Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said non-Muslims must respect and refrain from interfering in matters relating to Islamic affairs.