Remember our history, says Hamzah in Happy New Year message to all Malaysians

PETALING JAYA: As the curtain for 2023 closes, Malaysians step into 2024 taking with them the many lessons adding colours to their resolutions, says Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainuddin.

The Opposition leader said it was important to highlight the value of history as Malaysians dive into the coming year.

“From the moment of independence until the formation of Malaysia, this country was built as a result of the sacrifices of the people, especially the bumiputera Malays, including Sabah and Sarawak.

“This diversity does not weaken us, on the contrary it becomes a strength for Malaysia because all parties take responsibility to sow and nurture harmony among races, based on the principles of the social contract that has been mutually agreed upon,” the Larut MP said.

However, he said that lately there were parties who tried to undermine harmony.

“If this spark continues to be ignited deliberately, it is feared that it can burn itself to the point of destroying what we have built all this time.

“Stop trying to be someone with hidden intentions, as the saying goes cubit peha kanan, peha kiri terasa juga (when you hurt someone, others may feel the pain).

“I am sure that friends in the government who have a strong fighting spirit were also not comfortable with what is happening now,” he said.

May 2024 bring out the ray of hope and further bring success to all Malaysians, Hamzah said.

Separately, he urged immediate aid to be channelled to those affected by the East Coast flooding as they incurred damages to the property and were currently displaced.