Pikom urges govt to collaborate with private sector to enhance Padu’s security

PETALING JAYA: While commending the initiative of introducing the Central Database Hub (Padu), the National ICT Association of Malaysia (Pikom) urged the government to consider collaborating with the private sector to further enhance cybersecurity in critical government information technology (IT) infrastructure.

Referring to the recent security breach affecting Padu, Pikom said it believes there was a need for a more comprehensive approach to beefing up the security.

The association said the vulnerabilities could have been identified during the development and testing phases of the platform.

Pikom said this emphasises the importance of engaging independent and industry security experts in conducting comprehensive security assessments throughout the entire software development process.

“Such assessments, conducted by real-world threat actors and penetration testers, would significantly bolster the platform’s resilience against cyber attacks.

“However, when it comes to complex technological initiatives, particularly those involving sensitive data, striking a balance between leveraging existing resources and engaging external expertise is crucial.” the association said in a statement on Saturday (Jan 6).

Pikom also urged the government to consider collaborating with the private sector to upskill public officers in niche areas like cybersecurity.

It suggested that industry attachments, where public officers work within established private companies, can provide invaluable real-world experience and exposure to cutting-edge security practices.

Pikom said such knowledge transfer would enhance the capabilities of public officers and ensure the security of future projects is developed robustly.