Padu purely a public sector product, says Rafizi in denying private firm's involvement

PETALING JAYA: The Central Database Hub (Padu) was developed solely by civil servants, says Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli, dismissing claims of private sector involvement.

Accio chief executive officer Dr Cher Han Lau had reportedly claimed in an interview with a radio station that his company was involved in Padu’s development.

“After checking with the team at the Statistics Department, I can confirm that (this claim is) not true,” Rafizi said in a statement on Tuesday (Jan 9).

“The Padu analytics team invited Dr Cher to upskill human resources in data science based on his big data and machine learning expertise.

“The development, collection and data cleaning process for Padu did not involve him or anyone from his company.

“I would like to stress once again that Padu was developed solely by civil servants without the involvement of any third parties,” he said.