Malay politician’s niece has a way with the Chinese community


THE niece of Tambun Umno division deputy chief Datuk Mazlan Abd Rahman made headlines for her proficiency in the Chinese language and rapport with the Chinese community.

Sin Chew Daily reported that Shatorah Adawia Abdul Aziz, 41, joined Mazlan’s team to help out with translations during his campaign rounds for the 15th General Election in 2022.

Shatorah said she followed Mazlan to mainly Chinese areas in the Hulu Kinta state constituency to communicate with voters about their needs.

“When I visited the Chinese new villages, they welcomed me with so much warmth.

“They would pack food and drinks for me. My uncle joked and asked why he never got the same reception I did,” she said.

Following Mazlan’s defeat in the election, Shatorah said she would follow her uncle to Chinese new villages again if he has programmes there.

Shatorah, who studied at SJKC Tsung Wah and SMJK Perempuan Perak, said she improved her Chinese after joining China Airlines.

She worked for the airline’s ground support team for 10 years where she communicated with her Chinese colleagues on a daily basis.

“I have to thank my parents for sending me to Chinese school. I love the language and love to mingle with the Chinese. I will never forget my days in China Airlines,” she said.

> Hong Kong superstar Jacky Cheung held his last concert at Hong Kong Coliseum on Jan 13 following a series of 24 concerts in his home base, China Press reported.

A pre-concert prayer ceremony was marred by a minor stampede after a barricade gave way.

Cheung was performing the prayer after arriving at 3pm and then approached his fans to interact with them.

However, one of the barricades suddenly gave way, resulting in the first row of about 10 fans being pushed to the ground.

The 62-year-old singer pleaded to fans not to push to get close to him.

After ensuring everything was okay, Cheung walked to other sides of the barricade to greet his fans and receive their gifts.

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