Hacker alleges to have stolen Telekom Malaysia’s customer database with ‘nearly 20 million effective user data’

PETALING JAYA: A user on a notorious forum known for trading information obtained from data breaches alleged that he has stolen the complete customer database of Telekom Malaysia.

The user posted on Jan 24 claiming that the data contains nearly 200 million entries, with “nearly 20 million effective user data”.

Additionally, the user provided screenshots purporting to be the company’s customer database architecture documentation, with 161 pages outlining the structure, design, and functionality of the company’s customer database system.

Samples of alleged customer data obtained from the breach – which include details such as name, MyKad numbers, address, phone number, salary range, work, religious beliefs, and marital status – were also shared.

The user is offering to sell the data to Telekom Malaysia first, claiming that it won’t be sold to others after that.

LifestyleTech has reached out to TM for comments.

Previously, the company disclosed that it suffered a data breach affecting a select number of customers back in July 2023.

It said Unifi customers’ personal information – including names, MyKad/passport numbers, and contact details – was leaked in the data breach, but no financial information was impacted.

In December 2022, the company confirmed that a data breach affected 250,248 Unifi Mobile customers.