Man who attacked daughter being probed for rape

REMBAU: A 47-year-old man who was caught on video hitting his 17-year-old daughter with a chair and an ironing board is also being investigated for rape.

Rembau OCPD Deputy Supt Hazri Mohamad said the girl who, among others, required 12 stitches for her injuries, reported this to a doctor while receiving treatment at Hospital Tunku Ampuan Najihah early yesterday.

DSP Hazri said the alleged rape took place at the suspect’s house in Kota in Tampin at 2pm on Nov 12 last year.

“The girl claimed that her parents had divorced when she was four years old and she has since been living with her grandmother in Rantau.

“In June 2022, she moved in to live with her father and his 44-year-old girlfriend and continued her secondary education in Tampin,” he said.

DSP Hazri said the girl, who also worked part-time at a food court, was the youngest of four siblings.

He said the victim claimed that her father raped her when his girlfriend was away.

“He had warned her not to tell anyone about the rape.

“Around 10.45pm on Wednesday, the suspect returned home and had an argument with the victim and then hit her with a plastic chair, a clothes basket and an ironing board,” said DSP Hazri.

The victim contacted her boyfriend who reported the matter to police.

The girl told police that she was beaten by her father after she told his girlfriend about the alleged rape.

The case is being investigated under Section 376B of the Penal Code for incest.

Police arrested the suspect on Jan 24 for the beatings and obtained an order to remand him for four days.

The victim was kicked in the stomach too and also suffered cuts to the face, leading to her requiring 12 stitches.

She also suffered injuries to her hand and right shoulder.

It is believed that the suspect was drunk during the attack.

DSP Hazri said the suspect had seven previous criminal records, including drug offences.

The attack was allegedly recorded by the suspect’s girlfriend but she had left the scene when police arrived.

A video of the attack has gone viral on social media.