MP and Bukit Aman CID director lock horns during townhall session

KLANG: A tense exchange between the MP for Klang and Bukit Aman CID director Comm Datuk Seri Mohd Shuhaily Mohd Zain occurred during a townhall session here on Monday (Jan 29).

“I do not contest. All I do is perform my duty according to the law. Why did the YBs, at the time of approving such projects, not think of the wellbeing of your constituency?” said Comm Mohd Shuhaily.

As an example, he alluded to MPs asking for leniency after the police issued summons at cars parked outside high-density areas.

Shortly before, he said that politicians should refer to the police for their input for city building in order to prevent security and other issues faced by residents down the line.

V. Ganabatirau from DAP, who took issue with the statement, said that such matters were not under the purview of representatives such as himself.

“Every Adun is not involved in any of the planning. And I have voiced this out many times.

“The council members only attend (meetings). Only the licensing and planning directors, and the YDPs (local council president) and do (district officers) are the ones that should be faulted,” the Klang MP said.

In response, Comm Mohd Shuhaily replied by asking who in turn elects the YDPs in which V. Ganabatirau said that he had no part in such appointments.

At a press conference later in the day, Comm Mohd Shuhaily admitted that the exchange had become heated, but such discourse was welcomed.

“To me, it is very positive. Even though it was quite tense, everybody understands their roles,” he said.

During the townhall meeting, while answering questions on illegal racing in the area, Comm Shuhaily said that it was his view that the sale of modified parts for motorcycles be banned.

“Politicians must have the will to ensure its success. As YBs, I urge you because this needs to stop. We have lost youths unnecessarily for unnecessary reasons.

“Motorcycles should not be modified. The loud exhausts should not be sold but this can only be done by the decisions made by the politicians who make the law,” he said.

He added that the police had fought illegal racing for forty years but had not been successful.

He also said that in the past the police would arrest racers in the act but that had led to deaths on both sides, leading to a change in strategy where the police would now use surveillance and intelligence gathering to catch racers after the act.