Utility company to move out from iconic Wisma SESB

KOTA KINABALU: State utility company Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) has announced that it will move out of the iconic Wisma SESB into a new office due to the building’s deteriorating condition.

Built in 1976, Wisma SESB, which houses the Sabah Electricity office and a hall popular for wedding bookings, was a former Parti Berjaya headquarters bought over by SESB in 1990.

During weekends, the building lobby was often crowded with wedding attendees as it has become a crowd favourite to hold wedding receptions at the hall there.

However, from the start of this year, the SESB hall could no longer host such events due to repair and maintenance work done on the building.

In a statement on Thursday (Feb 1), SESB said various efforts had been carried out to maintain the 48-year-old building structure. Unfortunately, they continue to face issues, including needing more space to accommodate modern amenities.

“With the ageing structure, SESB faced several concrete problems and weaknesses linked to construction material back in the day.

“Various steps were taken to overcome the issues, including planning a more modern and conducive internal structure so that the building could function, collaborating with local technology experts, and finding solutions in the usage of space.

“But the overall efforts in restoring the building structure could not be continued due to the building’s old age … SESB finally decided it was time to move to a new location for the safety of the staff and civilians,” said the company.

The 10-floor building also housed a penthouse on the 10th floor, which became the office of many political figures in Sabah in the past and was used as the SESB chairman’s office.