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State lawmakers took up a bill that would restrict local governments from limiting the number of unrelated people who can live in a residence. The only exception would be for health and safety reasons like fire code regulations. 
Some Colorado counties, while not opposing the bill, asked for other exceptions like septic systems. 
“The primary concern is as we try to list all of the things that occupancy restrictions could or could not be based on, it’s hard to create an exhaustive list,” said Reagan Shane with Colorado Counties Incorporated.
“We’re in the midst of an affordability crisis and housing is a top concern for a lot of folks. What this bill does is pretty simple- it makes sure that municipalities continue to set occupancy limits based on health and safety but only health and safety. As opposed to these arbitrary and draconian and archaic policies to limit occupancy based on family relationship status,” said Rep. Manny Rutinel, (D) Adams County. 
Supporters say some local governments have such low occupancy limits they result in fewer residents than bedrooms. Both Boulder and Denver recently raised their occupancy limits. 
The bill passed its first committee on Tuesday.  
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First published on January 30, 2024 / 5:58 PM MST
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