Deputy Minister calls for independent investigation into Bidor Immigration depot incident

PETALING JAYA: A comprehensive and transparent inquiry is needed to probe into how 131 undocumented migrants escaped the Bidor Immigration depot, says Deputy Law and Institutional Reform Minister M. Kula Segaran.

“We need to ascertain whether this incident is an isolated occurrence or if there have been similar incidents in the past as understanding the context will help us implement necessary measures to prevent it happening in the future.

“We must acknowledge the swift response of the law enforcement agencies stationed at the depot, especially those who ensured the safety of their fellow officers during the escape,” added Kula Segaran in a statement on Saturday (Jan 3).

He said an independent task force of eminent persons must be formed to conduct an investigation, or alternatively a parliamentary select committee could also undertake the task.

Kula Segaran added that the safety and security of Immigration facilities is paramount and all necessary action should be taken to address the shortcomings revealed through the investigation.

“An unbiased examination by an independent body is crucial to instill public confidence and to ensure the integrity of the investigative process and the report must be made public,” he pointed out.