Two teachers lose RM158,176 to online scam

KUANTAN: Two teachers lost a total of RM158,176 after being duped by online scam syndicates.

Pahang police chief Comm Datuk Seri Comm Yahaya Othman said the first victim, aged 51, claimed that he lost his savings of RM68,726 after filling in personal details for the online purchase of a toll payment device.

“The victim claimed to have seen the device advertised on Facebook on Jan 27 priced at RM150 and ordered it on social media before being given a link to fill in his order.

“After doing that, he could not make payment on the link and, two days later, found that 14 cash transactions had been carried out without his knowledge,” he said in a statement on Sunday (Feb 4).

In another case, Yahaya said a 54-year-old teacher claimed to have lost RM89,450 after she was duped by a Macau Scam syndicate member posing as a police officer.

The victim alleged that she received a telephone call on Aug 28, 2023 from a delivery company asking her to claim goods that had been addressed to her.

“Although she denied waiting for any delivery, the call was transferred to a so-called police officer, who threatened her by saying she was involved in drug and money laundering cases,” he said.

Comm Yahaya said the victim was then instructed to transfer cash into four accounts given by the suspect purportedly for investigation purposes and she complied for fear that her savings would be confiscated.

The victim, however, only lodged a report after failing to contact the “police officer” for further information.

Members of the public are advised to confirm with the authorities if they receive suspicious calls, be careful in sharing personal details and check the telephone and account numbers at https://semakmule.rmp. Bernama