My husband's wellbeing is my only concern, says Taib's wife Raghad

KUCHING: The wife of former Sarawak Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud says her only concern is her husband’s wellbeing.

Toh Puan Raghad Kurdi Taib said news and images circulated on social media about her over the past few days have tarnished her image and reputation.

“I humbly request, please stop all these assumptions and malicious accusations towards me as my priority is only to take care of my husband at this point in time. Please do not believe in any of the rumours being said about me,” she said.

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Raghad also said in an open letter to Sarawakians on Tuesday (Feb 6) that although she was foreign-born, she was now a Malaysian.

She added that she would not leave the country but would continue to do charity work for Sarawakians after Taib regains his health.

“I hope all of you can come together and pray for Tun Taib,” she added.

On Monday (Feb 5), police said they were investigating a report against Raghad for removing Taib from a private hospital here.

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The police report, which went viral on social media, alleged that Taib was “absconded” from the hospital against medical advice by Raghad at close to midnight on Saturday (Feb 3).

This was followed by another report by one of Taib’s brothers claiming that his family members did not know where the former Governor was and were “gravely concerned” about his health and safety.

However, Raghad denied allegations that she had taken Taib out of hospital against doctors’ advice.

“That’s not true. This is the proof,” she said in an Instagram story with a photo of a note believed to be from a nurse.