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On the agenda today:
The rise and fall of America’s flashiest luxury-watch dealer.
Taylor Swift’s gameday fashion is a boon for retailers.
DINKs are living it up like never before.
An exclusive interview with John Goodman.
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If you’re like me and forgot to plan an amazing three-day vacation, don’t worry. There’s still a little bit of time to schedule a trip somewhere fun. 
Looking for luxury? You don’t have to leave the 50 states to rest and reset, and of course, do it with a frill. Dust off the cold in Florida and stay in the state’s No. 1 hotel, which also happens to be a 5-star experience, or escape to a remote all-inclusive hotel in Alaska with helicopter access. If you’re up for a mountain experience, you can do it in style.

Want something great for the entire family? If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure, don’t overlook St. Lucia. While the island is known for its romantic offerings for couples, it’s also really great for families — thanks to its luxury hotels overlooking the Pitons. Not to mention, you could make core memories by zip-lining through the local rainforests or riding into the world’s only drive-in volcano.
Solo traveling? Take a day trip to your favorite city in Amtrak’s first-class accommodation. It has access to the Amtrak Lounge, a spacious seat, and food. Pop in your AirPods and get lost in the wonder of travel. 
No matter where you go — or even if you decide to stay put — enjoy the best perk in life: time.
Anthony Farrer, known by many as the Timepiece Gentleman, was once the flashiest online dealer in the $75 billion luxury watch trade. With tens of thousands of social media fans, Farrer was internet-famous for his wild displays of wealth (think private jets and a $170,000 car).
It wasn’t long, however, before the notoriously shady world of watch sales — and the Feds — caught up with him.
Where things went wrong for the Timepiece Gentleman.
Taylor Swift has secured her place as a game-day fashion icon. From Louboutin shoes and designer coats to Kansas City Chiefs gear and affordable jewelry, Swift embodies the ultimate girl-next-door attire. 
Swifties are so invested in her looks that they’ve wiped inventory from brand warehouses, leaving retailers scrambling to keep up. And with the Super Bowl on the horizon, many small businesses are bracing themselves for the next wave of Swift-inspired shopping.
How Swift sent sales soaring.
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DINKs — or dual-income, no kids couples — are emerging as an aspirational class for young people. With high incomes and no children, DINKS are afforded the luxury of financial stability, freedom of choice, and a comfortable retirement. 
As the stigma of forgoing children fades, more and more Americans see being a DINK as the key to a new American dream.
Inside the lives of the young and child-free.
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Goodman, the actor known for his portrayal of Dan Conner, the patriarch on “Roseanne,” and Walter Sobchak on “The Big Lebowski,” has been a television cornerstone since the ‘80s. 
In an exclusive interview with BI, the 71-year-old reflected on the opportunities he missed, the roles he’d still like to play, and which of his Coen Brothers performances makes him “cringe.”
Read the full conversation.
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