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From doomsday tourism to eco-anxiety therapy and preppers, a look at how coping in the ‘end times’ is developing.
Doomsday preppers do everything they can to prepare for what they believe is the impending apocalypse. How they go about it, however, depends on what catastrophic event they believe will inevitably strike the world and bring it to an end. The fear of financial collapse causes some to hoard food and water. Others construct elaborate underground bunkers to avoid whatever apocalyptic event may happen above the ground. And some make the decision to leave the lives they know and live off the grid in isolation, hoping to become self-sufficient. Whatever their reasoning doomsday preppers have, their rationale is the same – they prep to avoid panic in the face of disaster.
Apocalypse Maybe is a documentary series exploring why, in the presence of cascading global crises, many feel that we might be living in the end times.
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