Media heroes and traitors – Assange vs Navalny – Al Jazeera English

The media coverage of two dissidents reveals how Western media select those they champion and vilify.
With Alexey Navalny’s death and Julian Assange’s extradition appeal happening within a week of each other, we look at the selective treatment of the two dissenters in the Western media.
Lead contributors:
Chip Gibbons – Policy Director, Defending Rights & Dissent
Matt Kennard – Chief Investigator, Declassified UK
Branko Marcetic – Writer, Jacobin
Rebecca Vincent – Director of Campaigns, Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
Usually silent in the face of the suffering in Gaza, Israeli TV channels broadcast segments on the abuse of Palestinian captives – with a positive spin. Tariq Nafi reports.
Germany’s genocide in Namibia early in the 20th century has long been a misremembered episode in colonial history. Despite efforts to correct that record, many are yet to hear the testimonies of the victimised communities: the Herero and Nama peoples.
Christina Haritos – Communications Scholar
Suzie Ndaundika Shefeni – Researcher and Journalist
Jephta Nguherimo – Herero Activist and Poet
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