Kelantan women’s secret to long life – smile


THE secret to Kelantan women’s long life is apparently due to lots of smiles and adherence to confinement practices, Harian Metro reported.

According to Kelantan welfare, family and women’s development committee chairman Rohani Ibrahim, Kelantan women’s average lifespan was 74.8 years compared to the men’s 69.5 years.

“Kelantan women love to smile, are friendly and they take care of their diet. Probably in their youth, they also observe confinement practices.

“They are hardworking and really watch what they eat thus it is not strange that these are factors that contribute to a long life, besides the appropriate prayers,” she said.

Hopeful: Janna says she’s doing everything she can to conceive.Hopeful: Janna says she’s doing everything she can to conceive.

> Despite having tried various methods, actress Janna Nick said she has to accept the fact that she has yet to be blessed with children, according to a report by Kosmo!.

Janna, or Nurul Jannah Muner, 29, said she is still finding it difficult to conceive.

The Pasal Kau actress shared this in a video to answer fans’ questions whether she was pregnant.

Janna also said that she no longer does her favourite activities such as yoga, heavy exercise and sauna while trying to get pregnant.

She says she is currently taking health food products.

Janna added that it was not easy to conceive and prayed for all women who are struggling not to give up and continue to be strong.

Janna married fellow actor Dini Schatzmann, 30, on June 10, 2023.

The actress previously drew criticisms for expressing a desire to have a child born under the Libra zodiac sign between Sept 23 to Oct 22.

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