Consider interests of Sabah’s bumiputra community too, says Hajiji

KOTA KINABALU: Any resolution that comes from the Bumiputra Economic Congress 2024 must take into account the interests of the bumiputra community in Sabah, says Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor.

The Chief Minister also hoped that any approach taken to empower the Sabah bumiputera community’s economy, should come under the control of the state government.

“This is to give a mandate to Sabah to coordinate and spearhead socio-economic development programmes in an effective and efficient way,” he said in his speech at the congress in Putrajaya on Saturday (March 2).

Hajiji said he also hoped the Federal unity government would be committed to protecting the welfare of bumiputra communities, including in Sabah.

As the second largest state in Malaysia, he said, Sabah, which consisted of almost 90% of bumiputra, had high aspirations to enjoy prosperity together with other Malaysians.

“This not only means supporting the bumiputra grassroots economy but also involves placing a basis for a development model that is more inclusive and sustainable for the community,” he said.

The Chief Minister said the state government was committed to closing the poverty gap that had troubled the bumiputra community in Sabah.

“We do not wish to be left behind again, but we are always hoping for the prosperity cake to be shared among one big Malaysian family,” he said.