Dr Wee celebrates Kluang MCA's 75th anniversary with two party veterans

KUALA LUMPUR: It was a joyous occasion when MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong met up with two veterans at a celebration of the party’s Kluang division’s 75th anniversary in Johor.

“What a joy to meet two of our senior party members Loh Pow Hwa @ Low Pow Lin, 92 and Chia Bee Eng @ Soo Kau, 91,” he wrote on Facebook.

He was sharing the happiness with his followers by attaching pictures he separately took with the two nonagenarians at the Kluang divisional-level celebration on Saturday (March 2) night.

Low, who joined MCA in 1968, has helmed positions like the division vice-chairman, secretary and speaker while Chia, who became a member in 1974, was a former vice-chairman of the division’s Wanita MCA wing.

“Even though many decades have passed since they joined MCA, they are still actively participating in party activities with great passion.

“It’s an honour to have such loyal members, who have never wavered in their support for MCA no matter what we are going through, in the party,” Dr Wee said.

He wished the pair the best of health while urging the leaders and other members to learn from the two exemplary members.