All-you-can-eat buffet in primary school canteen


A PRIMARY school in Kuala Lumpur was lauded for offering all-you-can-eat buffets to its pupils at just RM4.50 a day, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The canteen at SJKC Taman Connaught began offering buffets to ensure pupils get to eat their fill as well as have a balanced diet.

The canteen operator, known only as Huang, said they prepare three or four dishes a day, which includes vegetables, fruits and meat (either fish or chicken).

Pupils are allowed as many helpings as they like, as long as they finish the food.

Huang said 30 different dishes would be rotated to avoid students from getting bored with the food.

“What is more important is nutrition. We have to meet the standards set by the Health Ministry while at the same time find food that children like.

“That is why we keep tabs on the kind of food they like and strive to continuously improve the food selection,” he added.

Huang said to prevent wastage, pupils must finish what they picked before being allowed second helpings.

> Plagued by nightmares of his late wife, a man in China decided to dig up and reopen her casket only to make a harrowing discovery, reported China Press.

The man, a farmer in Shaanxi province, got married to a woman from the same village and the two had a son together.

However, the wife died not long after childbirth.

On the eve of Chinese New Year in 2019, the man began having nightmares of his wife pleading to be rescued.

Despite being given medication to calm his nerves, the man continued to have the same nightmare.

To assuage his fears, he brought food and flowers to his wife’s gravesite.

When cutting grass around the gravestone, he found a bangle his wife had been buried with.

Realising something was amiss and despite protests from his parents, the man decided to dig up his wife’s grave.

Upon opening the casket, he was shocked to find it empty.

He reported the matter to the police who suspected that it was a case of grave robbery.

It was believed that the corpse was “abducted” to conduct a ghost marriage – a traditional practice where two deceased individuals are married to keep each other company in the afterlife.

The police managed to track down the robbers and returned the wife’s corpse to the man.

The man stopped having nightmares after the corpse was reburied in its rightful grave.

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