Is the Palestinian Authority still relevant? – Al Jazeera English

Under US pressure to reform the PA, Mahmoud Abbas has appointed a new prime minister.
Amid mounting pressure from the United States, the Palestinian Authority is shaking up its leadership.
President Mahmoud Abbas has named his financial adviser as the new prime minister.
Sixty-nine-year-old Mohammed Mustafa has ample experience in economics, but little in politics.
The move has surprised many – violence is escalating in the occupied West Bank and Israel’s war on Gaza shows no sign of ending.
So, how could this appointment shape the future of the PA?
And does it have enough backing from Palestinians to move forward?
Presenter: James Bays
Tahani Mustafa – Senior Palestine analyst at the International Crisis Group
Mansour Shouman – Canadian Palestinian citizen journalist who reported from Gaza between October 2023 and February 2024
Mustafa Barghouti – Secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative
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