Sabah man jailed six months, fined RM15,000 for insulting religion

KOTA KINABALU: A man was jailed six months and fined RM15,000 after pleading guilty to posting offensive statements and insulting Islam on social media recently.

Ricky Shane Cagampang, 33, was handed the sentence after admitting to committing the offence before Sessions Court Judge Amir Shah Amir Hassan here on Thursday (March 21).

He faces an additional four months’ imprisonment if he failed to pay the fine.

Ricky, who converted to Islam two years ago, had made the insulting postings on his social media account at around 12.05pm on March 17, the court was told.

This is an offence under Section 233 (1)(a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act for the improper use of network facilities or network services.

Judge Amir said the court found Ricky guilty, and decided on the jail sentence as a fine alone was not enough to teach the offender and the public a lesson.

He said this was a serious offence, and that the comments made were terrible and had deeply offended and angered Muslims.

He said the court does not compromise with any acts of insulting religions, and the sentence was made to deter future offences and to refrain others from “doing first, then apologising”.

Earlier, Sabah prosecution director Nahrah Dollah urged the court to put Ricky in custody and issue him a fine, looking at the seriousness of the offence.

“Making offensive remarks against any religion is a serious offence. Pleading guilty or being a first time offender is not a mitigating factor,” she said.