Celebrity's tears of joy upon return of RM2.1mil worth of stolen jewellery

PETALING JAYA: Celebrity entrepreneur Liana Rosli cried tears of joy after part of her missing RM2.1mil jewellery, contained within a safe, was found at the bottom of Sungai Sembrong, Batu Pahat recently.

Liana, also known as Kak KM, 43, recounted being informed by police that her valuables had been recovered.

She said on March 4, her house in Padang Balang, Sentul was broken into, leading to losses amounting to RM3.5mil. Police managed to arrest four suspects within 24 hours.

All of them, aged 22 to 36, have been detained pending further investigation since March 16.

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“It is true what people say. If your rezeki is halal, God will return it to you,” said Liana, who is also the daughter of actress Normah Damanhuri.

She praised the police for their efficiency in apprehending suspects within 24 hours and plans to relocate due to safety concerns.

Liana vowed to be more cautious and less trusting, emphasising the importance of home security despite having CCTV installed.

Liana claimed that one of the suspects was a follower of her social media, who had inquired about her house address on the pretext of purchasing a product.

“I will be careful in the future and refrain from being too trusting.”