Do not take advantage of socks issue and worsen situation, says PKR’s central leadership council

PETALING JAYA: It is not right for any party to take advantage of the recent socks controversy and further worsen the situation, says PKR’s central leadership council.

“All actions should be based on the law and constitution, rather than actions driven by uncontrollable emotions and anger without legal restraint,” it said in a statement on Sunday (March 24).

PKR had its central leadership council meeting and discussed several national issues. One of them was the recent socks issue bearing the word Allah.

It strongly condemns any attempt to insult the sanctity of Islam or any religion, as it is a serious offence and against the law.

“Such actions will only disrupt the harmony and love that are the pillars of peaceful coexistence among the people of Malaysia.

“The council urges all parties to respect the sanctity of this noble month of Ramadan and consider the events that have occurred as a boundary that must be avoided in the future,” it said.

Meanwhile, the council also said the party will celebrate PKR’s 25th anniversary on May 11 at Sentul Depot throughout the day, with the highlight being the speech of party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at night.