AI basics to be taught at primary schools in 2027

KUALA LUMPUR: The basics of artificial intelligence (AI) will be introduced to primary school students beginning 2027, the Dewan Rakyat was told.

“At primary schools, Students will be introduced to the basics of AI in a new subject called Technology and Digital.

“Further application of AI will continue in the same subject in secondary schools, as well as computer science, information and communications technology, and design and technology subjects,” said the Education Ministry.

According to the ministry, school curriculums would include the “Fasih Digital” (digital literacy) programme as one of the seven competency modules students must master.

“Students who are digital savvy will be able to apply knowledge and skills to solve problems and create something new using the computational thinking concept,” the Education Ministry said in a Parliamentary reply dated March 21.

The Education Ministry was responding to Pang Hok Liong (PH-Labis), who asked about plans to introduce AI-related subjects at primary schools.