Respect the King's wishes, urges Lee Lam Thye on socks issue

KUALA LUMPUR: His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim, King of Malaysia’s call for all parties to stop exploiting the controversial socks issue should be respected and heeded, says Malaysian Unity Foundation trustee Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

He said it was time to put the socks issue to rest and leave the matter to the authorities.

“Any attempt to further exploit the issue will not benefit anyone – and certainly not the country – the time should be used to focus on the nation’s economy,” he said on Thursday (March 28).

Lee called on the public to respect and abide by the principles of the Rukun Negara for the sake of the country’s harmony and unity.

“Respecting one another is also key to ensure harmony and peace in the country,” he said.

He added that the country is facing various challenges concerning the economy and cost of living, thus any continuation of the socks controversy would only cause more damage, Lee said.

“What has happened should be a lesson for all. It could have been avoided if people understood, appreciated and put into practice the principles of the Rukun Negara, which is a national philosophy to guide our nation,” he said.

“Let us wait for the outcome and be guided by restraint, rational thinking and concern for the best interest of the country and its people,” he said.

The King had said that all parties should stop taking advantage of the socks issue and leave the matter to the authorities.

“I have instructed that action be taken according to the law, so there is no need for any party to continue fuelling anger.

“The action taken is not solely to punish but also serves as a lesson and reminder to all to uphold the sensitivities of Malaysians,” His Majesty said in a Facebook post on Wednesday (March 27).