Christians from all walks of life attend Good Friday service despite busy schedules

PETALING JAYA: Young families and elderly Christians from all walks of life make time to come for Good Friday services.

Despite a busy schedule and the hot weather, these individuals kept the tradition of commemorating Good Friday alive.

Management consultant Bryan Leong, 31, said that this year’s Good Friday (March 29) was special because it was the first Good Friday service for his four-month-old son.

“Although it was a bit hard to concentrate with a little baby, we are thankful,” he said.

His wife, Tan Shen Wen, 31, said that they hoped going to service would become their family tradition so that the baby could learn about the importance of Good Friday.

Although limping on a crutch, retiree Jasmine Khoo, 80, said that as long as there was a Good Friday service, she would come.

“To show my gratitude for God’s care, I will show up even though I am disabled,” she said.

Kuching native Stanilla Mayang, 35, said that she is grateful that both her husband and herself are off on Good Friday.

“Last year, I could not come because of work.

“This year, I am glad to bring my six-year-old son, and I hope he learns the importance of having faith,” she said.

Retirees YC Huang, 72, and his wife Karen Kong, 65, are glad to see so many turn up for Good Friday service.

“People are returning, and the last two years have been muted.

“Today is the most people we have seen in the last four years, and we are thankful for such a beautiful service today,” exclaimed Huang.

Parishioner Alison Fernandez, 39, said she never misses Good Friday service, and she came with her husband and four-year-old daughter.

She said that although her husband was a Hindu, he came to support her.

“I brought my daughter to teach her about faith, and she is learning how to pray. We are exposing her to both my husband’s and my religion; ultimately, it is important for her to have faith in God,” said the PhD student.

Marketing administrator Basilika Simon said that Good Friday has always held much importance in her life.

“I feel like I follow the journey of Christ from Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday.

“Even though it is the same every year, I have a different experience,” said the 35-year-old, who is from Beaufort, Sabah.