Customs Department vows to cooperate with MACC in corruption investigation

PETALING JAYA: The Customs Department will not shield any of its personnel involved in misconduct and corruption.

In a statement on Friday (March 29), the Customs Department said it was aware of the 34 personnel who were recently arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

“The Department will fully cooperate with the MACC.

“Any action against the officers and members involved can only be determined based on the outcome of the MACC investigation,” it said.

It said among the steps taken to curb corruption activities and leakages at the borders include improving import and export procedures at the country’s entrances, especially related to manifest control and airway bills.

It pledged to ensure compliance and good governance, as well as creating a check-and-balance element.

“We are also looking at enhancing the implementation of the integrity screening process for our officers who will be placed in high-risk areas involving customs, including import and export.

“We are also intensifying enforcement operations to combat smuggling,” it said, adding that they were also looking to re-examine practices, procedures and work procedures to close gaps and opportunities for corruption and obtain views and recommendations from the MACC Inspection and Consultation Division for appropriate improvements.

It said the department would work closely with the MACC to fight corruption.