King's order to fight graft will be MACC's rallying cry, says Azam

PETALING JAYA: The King’s order to fight graft will be the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) rallying call, says Tan Sri Azam Baki.

In a statement on Tuesday (April 2), the chief commissioner said MACC will do its utmost to comply with the instructions of His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim, King of Malaysia to reel in those involved in corruption.

“The MACC upholds the call by His Majesty who announced that fighting corruption, the country’s number one enemy, will be a major focus of his reign.

“The order reflects the determination of His Majesty to battle the threat of corruption, a battle which must be carried out by every level of society.

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“This is because a people without corruption is (at) the core of the wholeness and stability of a country.

“In line with that, as the agency in charge of battling corruption in this country, MACC will ensure the orders of His Majesty will be carried out with full integrity.

“MACC also hopes that all Malaysians, especially the government machinery, will not make any compromise and work together with us in upholding and carrying out the orders of His Majesty,” said Azam.

On Monday (April 1), Sultan Ibrahim said he had granted an audience to Azam to find out the latest developments from the enforcement agency.

“As I emphasised before, my honeymoon is over, now go catch the bees,” His Majesty said, while handing over a jar of honey to Azam to symbolise the end of the “honeymoon period”.