Like a fish out of water in romance

FANS of singer Fish Leong (pic) were left teary-eyed during a concert after she recounted her failed relationships over the years, Sin Chew Daily reported.

She broke down mid-song during her rendition of Unfortunately Not You.

“I always fail to complete the final verse of the song (without crying).

“I always thought that love would be easy. But when it comes to me, it has always been difficult,” said Leong, 45.

The final verse of the song is, “Thank you for being the one who once held my hand.”

Leong was previously reported to have had a hard time when her nine-year marriage to a wine merchant ended in 2019.

Her relationships after the divorce did not last long either.

“I have had several romantic relationships and all of them failed. What should I do? Is there anyone who will be willing to love me?” she asked on stage during her April 20 concert in Kuala Lumpur.

> Taiwanese rock band Mayday has pledged to donate proceeds of their upcoming concert in Fujian, China to charity following accusations that they had lip-synced during a previous show in Shanghai.

All earnings from the sale of tickets to their “Just Love It!” concert in Quanzhou city will be donated to local charities, along with an additional one million yuan (RM659,573), Sin Chew Daily reported.

The funds will be used to refurbish schools and help students whose families are facing financial difficulties.

Four months ago, reports emerged that Mayday was investigated by Chinese authorities for lip-syncing during their performances on the mainland.

Commercial regulations in China prohibit lip-syncing before paying audiences because it is “deceptive”.

The offence is punishable by a fine of 100,000 yuan (RM65,957).

> A Malaysian who works at a fruit juice stall in Singapore was so distraught when S$2,000 (RM7,015) went missing that she abruptly grabbed a knife and slashed her own wrists, China Press reported.

The 20-something woman earlier sat on the ground, sobbing on that April 20 morning. Suddenly, she grabbed a knife from the stall and cut herself.

Her action startled other vendors nearby who snatched the knife from her and consoled her.

They told her that it was not her fault and that she should not feel guilty about losing the money.

Apparently, a man was earlier seen kneeling down to tie his shoes in front of the stall before rummaging through the woman’s handbag when her attention was elsewhere.

Police confirmed that they received a report on the theft and that the woman was sent to hospital.

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