In one week, Israel rejects truce, bans Al Jazeera and invades Rafah – Al Jazeera English

Israel bans and blocks Al Jazeera as Rafah – Gaza’s ‘last safe space’ – is invaded.
Israel rejects a ceasefire agreement, invades Rafah, and orders the closure of Al Jazeera – all in a week’s work for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Middle East’s so-called “only democracy”.
Diana Buttu – Palestinian lawyer
Jeremy Scahill – Senior correspondent & editor, The Intercept
Amjad Iraqi – Senior editor, +972 Magazine
Richard Silverstein – Writer, Tikun Olam
Journalists at Italy’s public broadcaster have gone on strike. Producer Tariq Nafi reports on Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s “suffocating control” over RAI.
YouTuber and journalist Akash Banerjee breaks down the politics and the coverage of India’s election.
Akash Banerjee – Founder & host, The DeshBhakt
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